Nordic Shawls - Karen Skriver Lauger

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Nordic Shawls is the English version of Sjaler Nordfra – a lovely and unique knitting book containing 18 gorgeous shawls inspired by the wild Nordic nature and the folklore that inhabits the rugged Nordic landscape.

This English translation has been funded via a successful kickstarter campaign and we have 10 copies of the book for sale.

The book contains photographs of the finished designs in the incredible Norwegian nature as well as watercolor illustrations of all 18 designs. The book is finished off in a hardcover and all photographs are taken by Monica Bach Nielsen.

The books author and designer is Karen Skriver Lauger – a Danish knitting designer who spent her childhood all over Scandinavia and has her roots solidly planted in the deep rich earth of the north.

The shawl designs included in this book are clearly written and accompanied by charts and photographic illustrations to explain certain techniques.

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