Studying Estonian Heritage Craft Technologies

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The publication "Studying Estonian Heritage Craft Technologies" is a special compilation of selected articles previously (2013-2019) published in estonian in their research journal, StudiaVernacula.

Table of content

The scope of Studia Vernacula

Kristi Jõeste

Patrick Dillon, Sirpa Kokko
"Craft as cultural ecologically located practice. Comparative case studies of textile crafts in Cyprus, Estonia and Peru"

Douglass C. Reed
"Relevance of log crib research, renovation and development in Estonia and the world"

Anu Pink
"Knitting style - the grace of noble ladies or the speed of peasant girls?"

Mari Pukk
"Printed-pattern headscarves in Kihnu cultural space"

Veinika Västrik
"The production of rep weave floor coverings in Avinurme from the 1950s to the 1970s as a regional inherited skill"

Riina Rammo, Jaana Ratas
"Spiral tube decorations on garments:Restoring a lost technique"

Astri Kaljus
"Reconstructing fabrics used in the clothing of "Kukruse Woman" from the late 12th century: A craftsperson´s perspective"

Made Uus
"Traditional leather processing using domestic methods in Estonia"

Markus Pau
"Hemp-lime - contemporary usage of traditional materials"

Priit-Kalev Parts
"A brief manual for building an Estonian dugout canoe"

Helen Kästik, Ave Matsin
"Interview with Anu Raud"

Chronology of Estonian Native Crafts Department




AuthorEstonian Native Craft Department
The year of publishing2019
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