Siiri Rätid 2 - Triangular Knitted Shawls

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Een boek over de klassieke, driehoekige, kantgebreide Haapsalu shawl.

Delicate lacey shawls have been knitted in the small town of Haapsalu for more than two hundred years, yet they have not lost their attraction and mysterious charm in these modern times.

This book brings you new triangular shawls created by Haapsalu lace master and teacher Siiri Reimann. The book contains a thorough tutorial on how to knit triangular Haapsalu shawls so that knitting starts from the top of the shawl. The advantage of this type of shawl pattern is that each knitter can decide for themself how big or small the shawl should be. The book contains 20 new beautiful triangular shawl patterns. In the addition to the shawl pattern, there are also separate schemes of the basic patterns, according which you can knit square Haapsalu shawl and other objects.

The shawls created by Siiri are photographed with flowers in this book. This colorful lace book is a beautiful gift.

AuthorSiiri Reimann
Year of publishing2020
LanguageEE and EN
Cover typeHardcover
Page count120
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